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Who is behind the scenes of Naples Dreams in Pixels?

Thomas, a German native and Andrea, a Colombian native are the two founders of Naples Dreams in Pixels and working behind the scenes. Both are two professional photographers, working and living their dream in beautiful Naples Florida, the so-called 365 days paradise.

Do you have an office with a physical address?

Naples Dreams is located in beautiful Naples, Florida and our goal is to open our own physical store in the near future. In the meanwhile we are operating in our own private residence, where all beautiful photos are getting edited and prepared to be downloaded by our customers.
If you want to meet Andrea and Thomas, Naples Dreams in Pixels will make it possible and we will meet at a nice location in Naples which is easy to reach and convenient for you.

What equipment do you use?

We are shooting only with Canon Cameras, our models are constantly changing. For each situation we use a different camera. We also use different lighting systems, but we mostly shoot outside where we use natural light, unless it is getting closer to sunset hours.

What kind of photo sessions does Naples Dreams in Pixels offer?

Naples Dream In Pixels is specialized in expressive, story-telling photography and super passionate about couple, engagement, wedding, family, fashion, business, real estate and landscape photography. If you have any other kind of request, such as pet, product, food photography, we can talk about that and will make it happen for you.

How can we book a session with Naples Dreams in Pixels?

You can call, email or even get in contact with Naples Dreams in Pixels through our several Social Media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or via Google & Linkedin. As soon as we have received your request with a few information about what kind of photo session you are looking for, we will get back to you.
After we agreed and signed, a deposit will be required to reserve your date and you are booked!

Do I need to pay a deposit in the beginning?

Yes, Naples Dreams in Pixels requires a deposit (please see package description, contract or Invoice), which is to be paid in advance and is non-refundable. The deposit is to secure secure your spot.

Do I receive the copyrights to all the images?

You will receive all images through a personal and private gallery (password protected!) on our website. When you sign the contract for your photo shoot, you also sign that you receive a "limited" print release which allows you to print and use the images for personal purposes. Only Naples Dreams In Pixels has the legal "intellectual property" copyrights, which means that we have the right to use the images for our website and social media campaigns. If you do not want us to publish your photos, please let us know and we will not use them.

What happens if the weather is bad and we can not get our photo shoot session taken?

We will find a date and simply reschedule your photo shoot.

Do you edit our photos?

Yes, all photos we take of our customers are getting a color & exposure correction, we also might crop or align photos. Spot removals or other requests will have to be discussed before or after the photo shoot, as these services require more editing and therefore a change of the price.

Do you offer photo albums?

All your photos can be stored in a beautiful physical photo album, which Naples Dreams In Pixels will design specially for you. We will sent your album to a lab, where it will be created. After these steps your photo album will be shipped to your home address.
A photo album is not included in our packages, but can be added at any time. Prices vary!

Price example:
12 x 8 Professional Photo Book
26 Pages
Acrylic Leather Cover
Glossy Photo Paper
Gift Box Leather
$600 (excl. shipment cost)

Do you do anything else besides your photography business?

Yes, we are teachers and love to pass our knowledge to kids and young adults. If you are interested in learning German, English or even Spanish, please get in contact with us.

Do you sell your beautiful landscape and nature photography?

All our work can be purchased and downloaded on our website. Please shoot us an email and we we will give you access to our VIP Store where you can purchase digitals or even canvases.

Why don't you have all your work online?

We have a lot of customers but can not display all their photos, first this would exceed our web space, second a lot of customers, especially families want to have their photos private. We respect our customers!

Do you shoot in JPEG, Small Raw or Large Raw?

We shoot all of our images in Large Raw and JPEGS. Large Raw gives us the chance to better edit the photos later.

If we cancel the photo shoot completely, will we receive our deposit back?

Unfortunately no. Deposits as used to reserve your day. Once we have reserved your day, we do not accept new clients for this date.

What if we exceed our contracted time for our photo shoot?

Don't worry we do not rush our customers, therefore we have reserved extra time (30 mins.) for each customer. If you exceed this, standard rates will apply for overtime ($100/hr).

How and when do we receive our photos after the photo shoot?

Within 2 weeks after your photo shoot, you’ll receive an email with instructions and a link to your download gallery. Follow the link and you will get to your personal, password protected photos! You just need to do the next step and download them.

Do I have to order prints through you?

We usually offer only digital files with our packages. Prints and wall art of your photos can be purchased through your personal photo gallery.

How long will be my Photos stored or available in my gallery?

Well, we usually delete customer photos once they were downloaded from the gallery, because webspace costs money. Sometimes photos will remain longer in the customer's gallery, as long as we have enough webspace for our other customers available, but that's not a guarantee. We recommend to store your files in a safe place (hard disk) once you have downloaded them.

You do not find your question and/or answer?

Please send us an email or contact us through our website's contact form!

Some thoughts about Covid19 ...

Covid-19 has changed our lives tremendously and we are sad about that what this virus has caused. People lost their beloved ones, they lost their jobs, they are filled with fear, they are trapped at home and enjoying life is not that easy anymore.

Naples Dreams in Pixels PHOTOGRAPHY is taking it very seriously and wants to ensure that our customers do not have to worry during their photo shoot. We want them to be happy, to forget about Covid-19 - at least for a moment, for that moment when we are together with our customers and creating and freezing all those nice memories, such as a Couple, Engagement, Wedding and Family Photo shoot.

All we can say is that we respect our customers health. Naples Dreams in Pixels PHOTOGRAPHY is taking all necessary precautions for our customers, which means, that we are following all CDC Guidelines, such as wearing a mask, etc. We are also keeping our photography gear clean after each session, we are offering contact less payment ... and we also keep distance to our customers during the photo shoot - if we need to get closer to our customers, we just "zoom" them "in" with our camera lenses :-) Even after the photo shoot everybody will be safe, because we are delivering the photos through our Online Gallery, where our customers can easily choose, download and even purchase more photos of their special day.

This virus is still around and it will take us longer - longer than we might think to defeat and finally destroy that virus. We pray and hope that everybody is safe and taking their necessary precautions. We are #allinthistogether. Be safe!


The Founders of Naples Dreams in Pixels PHOTOGRAPHY

Cephalanthus occidentalis - Not a Coronavirus! :-)